Vice-Chancellor's Desk
New Year Greetings from the Honourable Vice-Chancellor
Dear Colleagues,

We have been going through a testing time. The emergence of OMICRON casts a dark shadow on the elation of the presumed end of COVID 19 era. However, history repeatedly reminds us of the unwavering optimism of humankind. Satisfactorily, despite all the odds, our collective wills brought about some positive developments for the university in the year gone by. Notable among those are - recognition of CRS, AAU, Tinsukia as the "Centre of excellence for citrus", release of purple paddy variety "Labanya", notification of four AAU crop varieties by DAC, Gol, recommendation of seven crops varieties by State Variety Release Committee for release, GI Tag for the traditional wine "Judima" from Dima Hasao, wining of 15 externally funded projects including extension of the tenure of AAU DBT-NECAB, development of thermo-stable vaccine for Ranikhet in poultry, development of breeding protocols of local fishes like Lasim Bhangon and Chital, formation of 30 FPC/FPOs, getting the grant for one patent, bagging of SRF & JRF by a good number of students including the all India topper in JRF in fisheries, signing of MoUs with several national and international institutions, establishment of Agriculture Market Intelligence Unit, launching of eco-tourism project, producing practical videos for making online classes more fruitful, infusion of soft skills and entrepreneurship by linking student ready programme with NEATEHUB etc.

Friends, our collective efforts in last year have helped us in improving our rank to 41 from 49 and I am quite optimistic that our rank shall further improve next year. Let us work with renewed vigour and zeal to make the flagship programme of our university "Aamar Gaon Aamar Gaurav" worthwhile. We should be ready to work extra hours to produce a few world-class graduates with entrepreneurial skills, develop frugal technologies for various stakeholders and establish a bunch of successful FPC/ FPO so as to make Assam Aatmanirbhar in all food items by 2025. Let us take confident and assured steps this year on the path of making Assam Agricultural University a vibrant self-reliant University sooner than later. 

I wish all of you a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year 2022

With Regards
Bidyut C. Deka