directorates of research (agriculture)
Salient Research Achievements
Crop science
1. The AAU has developed and recommended 91 varieties of various field and horticultural crops. These include 49 in rice, 5 in pulses, 5 in toria, 1 in sesame, 9 in sugarcane, 2 in jute, and 2 in fruit crops. Varieties like Ranjit, Bahadur, Luit, Dishang, Joymati, Kanaklata, Aghoni, Keteki of rice; TS 36, TS 38 and JT 90-1(Jeuti) of toria; CoBln 9605 of sugarcane, Pratap (SG-1) of green gram have significantly contributed towards production augmentation.
2. Important crop varieties developed in the very recent years are Mulagabharu, Gitesh, Jalashree and Jalkuwari in rice, TS-46 and TS 67 in toria; SG-21-5 in green gram; Tarun and Apeswari in jute; Nambor, Kapilipar and Doiyang in sugarcane; Shyamalima in rice bean etc.
3. The most promising varieties of horticultural crops developed at AAU include Kamrupa, Assam green tall and Kahikuchi hybrid-1 of coconut; JC-1, JC-2 of brinjal; and AAUJ-2 and AAUJ-3 of ridge gourd.
4. Many varieties developed elsewhere have been recommended to the farmers after their extensive testing. The most recent among such varieties are the two short duration, high yielding wheat varieties (DBW-14 and HUW-468) that can be harvested before pre-monsoon showers.
5. Bt-chickpea lines resistant to pod borer have been developed and transferred to India's leading Seed Company for further testing and commercialization.
6. Biofertilizer based INM packages have been developed for rice based cropping systems.
7. Biocontrol agents like Trichogramma (Tricho cards) for rice stem borer and Beauveria bassiana for hispa have been developed.
8. Bio-pesticides-Biofor-PF (Jaiva-Kiran) and Biozin-PTB containing virulent cells of Pseudomonas fluorescens and Trichoderma harzianum in organic substrate has been developed for management of wilt disease of crops like tomato, potato, brinjal, chilli, ginger, cabbage, cauliflower, etc.
9. Post-harvest packaging and handling technologies have been developed for long-distance transportation of pineapple, orange etc., extending shelf-life of perishable vegetables and also for commercial floriculture.
10. Technologies for off-season cultivation of vegetables and flowers have been perfected and popularized.

Community Science
1. Assam mix – a promising weaning food has been developed for both infants and lactating mothers and commercialized.
2. Several traditional recipes were nutritionally fortified using the process of nutrification.
3. Women-friendly farm-tool "Kuhuna" for drudgery reduction was developed and tea plucking basket was improvised.
4. Standardization of methods for extraction of natural dyes from locally available plants.
5. Smokeless chullah was validated and propagated.