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Directorate of Research (Vety.)

With the establishment of Assam Agricultural University in 1969, an office of the Associate Director of Research was created in the Khanapara campus to administer and coordinate veterinary research. Subsequently, in the year 1989, the post of Associate Director of Research (Vety) was upgraded to Director of Research (Vety) and a separate directorate was established to facilitate administration, co- ordination and growth of veterinary research in the University. Besides, outside funded research projects, two research stations namely 1) Livestock Research Station, Mondira and 2) Goat Research Station, Burnihat have been placed under the administrative control of the Director of Research (Vety). In the year 1988, the Director of Research (Vety) was entrusted with the responsibility of organizing and coordinating fishery research of the University. Fishery research under this Directorate is conducted at College of Fisheries, AAU, Raha and Fishery Research Centre, AAU, Jorhat. Besides, research activities on fisheries are also conducted at LRS, Mandira.

Present activities

At present 47 (forty seven ) externally funded projects are going on. Under Livestock sector, there are 40 (forty) nos. of externally funded research projects. Under Fishery sector the number of projects are 7 (seven) going on at College of Fisheries, AAU, Raha. The Directorate is operating 3 (three) nos. of Revolving Fund. We have also conducted TSP/SCSP/RKVY Projects in collaboration with the outstations, KVK, NGO, State Vety. & AH Deptt. The summery of the ongoing projects are as under :

Livestock Sector

ICAR- All India Co ordinate Research Project


7 Nos.

 ICAR Out Reach Program


3 Nos

ICAR Mega Seed Production

1 No.

ICAR , National Research Centre on Equines


1 Nos.

Indian Council for Medical Research

1 No.


4 nos

DBT’s Twinning Programme for NER

12 Nos.


7 Nos.

 DBT-North East Centre for Biological Sciences and Healthcare Engineering (NECBH)

2 Nos

Govt. of Assam

2 No.

Fishery Sector

National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources (NBFGR)

1 No

 National Mission on Himalayan Studies (NMHS), Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Govt. of India.,

1 No.

National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB)

1 No.

Directorate of Coldwater Fisheries Research

1 No.

DBT’s Twinning Programme for NER

2 Nos.


1 No.

In 1966 the first externally funded research project was conducted at Faculty of Veterinary Science as per available record. Total 147 (one hundred forty seven) nos. of research projects funded by various funding agencies have been completed till date.