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SRS, Buralikson

Sugarcane Research Station , Buralikson is situated 45 km to the west of the AAU headquarters at Jorhat. It is in the Golaghat district (Latitude 26.46 N, Longitude 94.12 E and altitude 86.6 M above sea level) and 15 km away from Dergaon. It is the only research station on sugarcane in the entire North East region. The station is implementing research projects sponsored by both the state govt. and the ICAR. It has the disciplines of Plant Breeding, Agronomy, Plant Pathology, Entomology and soil science. The weather is warm in summer for 3-4 months, 4-5 months rainy and then 3-4 months cold season. The extreme cold or hot climate not found in this region.

The station is dealing with production oriented applied research relating to varietal testing and evaluation and crop management practices with special emphasis on the following objectives :

1. To evolve sugarcane varieties for higher yield and gur recovery and other attributes particularly for resistance to pest and diseases and for distress situation such as drought and water- logging. 

2. To evolve improved agronomic practices especially suitable for varieties, ratoon management and weed control.

3. Diseases and pests survey and surveillance and integrated pest management.

4. To find out suitable control measures against major pests and diseases. 

5. To develop and transfer improved technology for jaggery manufacturing.