Fill faculty profile & RPR
Faculty Profile

1. Faculty/Scientist have apply for an AAU official Email Id (If not having one).

2. Once the AAU official email is received, please submit it to the HOD for adding the faculty/scientist in the faculty list

3. As soon as the faculty/scientist is added, he/she is authorized to login

4. Faculty/scientist dashboard have the menu with "General Info", "Photo", "Qualification", "Employment", "Achievements", "Publications", "Projects", "Society", "MyRPR" etc. tabs

5. Faculty/scientist may now fill up their details by clicking on the tabs.

6. As soon as the faculty/scientist fills up their details, they may now view their profile by clicking on the "Profile" tab.

7. Now click on the "Publish" button for HOD's approval.

8. Once HOD approves, the profile gets publically available over the internet

Note :
1. Please note that the faculty email id ( ) is being used as the username only in the faculty profile page. The password you have setup for accessing the normal email correspondence will not work in the profile page.
2. When your HoD adds you in the faculty list, you are able to login through the faculty panel, where your user id will be your faculty email id ( ). Your default password will be 123456, which you are encouraged to change at the very first instance of login by using the password tab on the right side of the menu.

Research Progress Report (RPR)

1. Login as faculty/scientist and click on the "MyRPR" tab

2. Faculty/scientist may link/add their respective Ad-Hoc projects by click the "Projects" tab

3. Faculty/scientist may select their respective projects (permanent or ad-hoc or both) then select the reporting period using the calendar and fill up the data as per the given format.

4. Faculty/scientist may add multiple items by clicking the "+" and remove by clicking the "-" button

5. Faculty/scientist are requested to click the "Save as Draft" button time to time to save their content for furture use. Once clicked this button, faculty don't need to rewrite their data again. RPR System will automatically prefill their data until final publish.

6. Once the faculty/scientist saves their data as draft two buttons will appear named "Preview" and "Final Submit".

7. Faculty/scientist may preview their RPR by clicking on the "Preview" button

8. Once the RPR is previewed and seems completed, then the faculy/scientist may click the "Final Submit" button for HODs approval