Geographical Indications of Assam
Three registered Geographical Indications (viz., Joha rice of Assam, Chokuwa rice of Assam and Kaji nemu) facilitated by AAU, Jorhat
Kaji Nemu of Assam

The north-eastern region of India is reported to be the centre of origin of many Citrus species and as such Assam is the home to many exotic citrus fruits. One of the most common and popular citrus fruit found in this state is the Kaji nemu (Assam lemon). This is an indigenous lemon of Assam and it has certain uniqueness in terms of quality which is essentially attributable to its place of origin i. e., Assam. 'Kaji Nemu' fruit is widely used for culinary, beverages, industrial and medicinal uses. It is comparatively larger than the regular lemon. It has a tendency of cluster bearing habit which generally produces seedless fruits with 9-12 segments.

Joha Rice of Assam

Joha rice is an indigenous rice of Assam. The famous Assam Rice Collection with more than 6000 rice accessions maintained at international Rice Research Institute, Manila and subsequently shared with Central Rice Research Institute, Cuttack includes Joha landraces of Assam. Regional Agricultural Research Station (RARS) of Assam Agricultural University at Titabar has also developed improved Joha variety, "Keteki Joha" using traditional Joha landrace of Assam and other high yielding variety. The aroma of Joha rice is also considered to be higher than Basmati in terms of 2-acetyl – 1- pyrroline level (a major indicator of aroma level). In 2007, the first consignment of 17 MT of Joha rice was exported to three European countries viz., Germany, U.K. and switzerland where it was of high demand. This demand is due to uniqueness in aroma and grain type which has established Joha as brand equity.

Chokuwa Rice of Assam

North-East India, including Assam, is endowed with exceptionally rich biodiversity. Assam is traditionally a rice growing area and rice plays a pivotal role in the socio-cultural life of the people of the state. Due to highly variable rice growing ecosystems, the crop has enormous diversity in the region. The variations in agro-climatic conditions and ethnic diversity with varied consumer preferences in Assam lead to spontaneous occurrence of many indigenous rice varieties having special uses. Among them, aromatic rice "Joha", waxy rice "Bora", Semi waxy "Chokuwa" and deep and floating rice "Red Bao" are the unique Gift of Nature.