Digital Verification of Academic Certificates of Assam Agricultural University on NDML Academic Depository
NDML Academic Depository (NDMLAD) is to facilitate digital issuance, storage, access and verification of Academic Awards issued by Academic Institutions. The vision of NDMLAD is to provide an online 24X7 storehouse of academic awards & service for verification of awards.

The Institute receives several requests from Corporate, agencies and individuals to verify the education particulars of Alumni. All applications received for verification, overseas verification/WES will be accepted in digitally form through NDMLAD.

Academic awards issued by Asssm Agricultural University to students are now available since 2018 for online verification through Academic Depository by NSDL Database Management Limited (NDML). All verification entities, employers, background check agencies & Academic Institutions are requested to contact below officials from NDML for online verification of awards:

Verifier entities can visit NDMLAD for registration process:

For further details on academic degree verification, please contact following officials of NDMLAD.
# Name of Official Email ID Mobile No.
1 Mr.Sagar Chaukekar 8169173366 / 9029042624
2 Mr. Mohit Ahuja 7021108048 / 7387138449
3 Mr. Nehul Shah 8097522917 / 8000572752
4 Mr. Prashant Prachand 9820308836