Frequently Asked Questions of National Academic Depository (NAD)
What is National Academic Depository (NAD)?
National Academic Depository (NAD) is a 24X7 online store house of all academic awards viz.certificates, diplomas, degrees, marksheets etc.duly digitised and lodged by academic institutions / boards / eligibility assessment bodies. NAD not only ensures easy access to and retrieval of an academic award but also validates and guarantees its authenticity and safe storage.
Who are the stake-holders in NAD?
(a) Students & other academic award holders
(b) Academic Institutions/Boards/Eligibility assessment bodies
(c) Verifying Entities i.e. banks, employer companies (domestic & overseas), Government entities, academic institutions/boards/eligibility assessment bodies (domestic and overseas) etc.
How does NAD operate and who provides the Depository Services under NAD?
NAD comprises of two inter-operable digital depositories i.e. CDSL Ventures Limited (CVL) and NSDL Database Management Limited (NDML). Several NAD services like lodging, access, verification and authentication of academic awards are provided through NAD in a digital format. Digital and authenticated copy of academic awards with prescribed security features is provided to a student and/or a verifier by either of the depositories.
Why should I register on NAD being a student?
NAD provides a 24x7 digital online system for lodging, retrieval, authentication and verification of academic awards in digital format for the students and other NAD users. Students receive digital and authenticated copy of their academic awards with prescribed security features which are easily accepted by all users. A student by registering onto NAD can avail services like access, verification and authentication of its own academic awards in a digital format.
How do I register myself in NAD?
You can visit Open the web page of AAU selected depository of NAD to get the registration screen.
Now my NAD account is created, how do I get access to my certificates?
NAD will make all academic awards lodged by participating Academic Institutions available in your online NAD account. You can access all of your certificates digitally placed in your account at all times.
Would my digital certificates available in NAD be widely accepted by employers etc.? Can I get printed copy of my digital certificates from NAD?
How is it ensured that digital certificates accurately reflect my records?
Your academic institution is responsible for the authenticity of your award data. NAD maintains the authenticity, integrity and confidentiality of the academic award database.
Who can access my NAD Certificates?
NAD framework respects privacy of the data. Your certificates can be accessed only by you. Other verification users can also access your certificate record only after your consent and authorization.
How do I come to know if some employer (verifier) requests for verification of my certificate?
If some employer requests for a verification of your certificate record, NAD will notify you by sending an email / SMS on your registered details.
Can I request the NAD to share my award details to a verifier?
Can I seed my Aadhaar number to an existing registration which was done using NAD ID?
What are the charges that I need to pay for NAD services?
For Student/Award Holders as per
What are the charges that I need to pay for NAD services?
For Student/Award Holders as per

1. Registration (Free)
2. Viewing of Awards (Free till the student attains the age of 27)
3. Annual Usage Fee (Free till the student attains the age of 27)
4. Download of Academic Awards 1st Download of an academic award free till the student attains the age of 27
Can I give my consent / disapproval without registering in NAD?
No. You have to get registered with NAD to give consent / disapproval for any verification request.
What would happen if I do not accord approval / rejection within prescribed time?
If you do not accord approval / rejection within reasonable time, the request is considered as infructuous and becomes ineffective.
I have awards from two or more Academic Institutions (AI). Can I allow verification only for some of the awards held by me?
Can Student upload any award that is in his/her possession and share with Verifier?
Student cannot upload award of this nature as only AI will be able to upload and lodge awards in NAD.The student can only ask NAD for retrieval of an existing award and share it with verifier.