Medical Services

Laboratory services at Medical Unit, AAU, Jorhat provide service with a primary focus that 'Patients come First', reporting results that help provide answers for physicians and patients.

We the members of Medical Unit lab are committed to provide our patients the best clinical care by ensuring accurate and on time results using processes, methods and technology that are consistent with the best practises in the world. We strive for continuous quality improvement in all processes and services that support patient care. These are monitored by various Quality indicators that are reviewed regularly. We combine the efficiency of automation and Lean principles to simplify and streamline processes.


Under the welfare scheme of the University, Medical Unit, AAU provide 24 hour ambulance service for the students and employees of the University. The ambulance is fully equipped and are capable of beginning emergency care at the site of incident and through the journey to a hospital.

The process
When an emergency is reported, the call taker gathers the needed basic information and dispatches appropriate services. Basic information obtained includes:
1. Where the call is placed from
2. The type of emergency
3. Number of people injured and the condition of the injured
4. The caller's name, contact number, and location guidance
Emergency help dispatched through this process is expected to reach the site of the emergency in an average of 15 minutes. Pre-hospital care will be given to patients being transported to the nearest hospital.

Contact Numbers