Research in the field of Horticulture in Assam was started long back even prior to the establishment of the University. The citrus Research was started in Assam during 1933, as citrus was one important crop of this region. The research was carried out for a period of 33 years with significant achievements particularly in the classification of citrus. Subsequently in 1960-61, the government of Assam carried out some pioneering research works on few fruit crops at Kahikuchi with financial assistance from ICAR. After establishment of the University in 1969, the responsibility of horticultural research was bestowed upon the university. As a result in 1973, a full-glade Horticultural Research Station was strengthened at Kahikuchi and a citrus Research Station was established in 1976 at Tinsukia.

           Since inception of the university, the discipline of Horticulture has been putting its efforts to solve horticultural problems in the State, and it could successfully generate a substantial amount of technology for benefit of the farmers.

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