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Extension Education

The department of Extension Education, SCS College of Agriculture came into existence with commencement of the college in the year 2014 . The department offers both elective as well as the compulsory core courses (including Language) in UG degree programme. 

Objectives of the department -

+ to provide education in the field of Extension Education, Human Resource Development, Entrepreneurship ,Communication etc.

* To produce skilled manpower to serve the farmers and rural people.

* to inculcate entrepreneur quality among students

.* to promote excellence in teaching learning process.

* to help in personality development of students through effective educational technology.

To produce and prepare effective extension personnel with required skill set and to engage on pragmatic research on the issues pertaining to delivery of agricultural technologies and building the capacity of stakeholders in Farming and related professions.


To enhance the socio-economic conditions and livelihood of farmers of the locality through rigorous field research and implementing appropri­ate behavioural engineering tools among them as well as among students on a sustainable basis.