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Veterinary Clinical Medicine, Ethics & Jurisprudence

The Masters Degree programme in Veterinary Medicine was started in the year 1969, i.e. the year of establishment of the Assam Agricultural University. Since then, Masters Degree in Veterinary Medicine was awarded to the qualifying students from the year 1971 onwards. On the other hand the Ph D programme was started from the year 1985 and continued up to 2005 till the parent department of Veterinary Medicine, Public Health and Hygiene (VMPH) was divided in to 3 divisions namely, Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine, Ethics & Jurisprudence, Department of Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine and Veterinary Public Health. After trifurcation, the MVSc in VMPH was discontinued and new Masters and Ph D Degree programme was re introduced in each trifurcated department including Veterinary Clinical Medicine, Ethics & Jurisprudence in the year 2008 as per the ICAR course syllabus.