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Poultry Science

Historical background

The Department of Poultry Science was established in the year 1986 with 8 teaching staff, inclusive of a farm manager. It started M.V.Sc. study programme in the year 1993 and PhD programme in 2000. Initially, this department was located near College Canteen sharing the building with Gymnasium hall and Students Union hall. Later, the Department was shifted to its final location at the Main building, Faculty of Veterinary Science, AAU, Khanapara in the year 1989. So far this Department has produced 46 numbers of M.V.Sc and 11 PhD students. At present, the Department has only 3 teaching staff inclusive of a Poultry Farm Manager. 



1. To impart teaching for the development of human resources that include Undergraduate, Masters and PhD degree programme.

2. To conduct various basic and applied research on different poultry species or their products under Masters and Doctoral degree programme.

3. To carry out different collaborative research works involving various funding agencies.

4. To impart various classes/training programs for the UG and PG students and for the entrepreneurs/farmers at the Instructional Poultry Farm Complex.

5. To render different extension training programmes transferring poultry technologies to the end users at the field.