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Livestock Production & Management

The Department of Animal Production & Management came into existence in 1974 by bifurcating the erstwhile department of Animal Husbandry. In 2005 the Department of Animal Production & Management splitted to create two Departments namely, Livestock Production & Management and Livestock Products Technology as per requirements of VCI, 1993. The Post graduate courses leading to MVSc was started in the year 1968 under the erstwhile Department of Animal Husbandry. The department started PhD programme from 1980 under traditional system which was replaced by semester system from the year 1985-86. The Department has so far produced 138 MVSc & 35 PhD students. The Instructional Livestock Farm (C) and 30-sow Teaching unit are utilized for UG & PG teaching and research. More than 6000 breeding Hampshire piglets have been supplied to the farmers and entrepreneurs in the entire North Eastern Region till date by piggery unit under the Department. The Livestock Farm Complex (Cattle & Pig farms) is presently under the supervision and control of the Department of Livestock Production & Management.