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Veterinary Anatomy & Histology

The Department of Anatomy & Histology had gained an independent identity since the inception of the Assam Veterinary College in 1948. Dr. U. Nagendra was the founder Professor & Head of the Department. Since the inception, the Department had 10 Professor and Head whose dynamic administration had always been a glory for the Department as well as to the institute. Being the basic subject for the UG programme, the Department of Anatomy teaches and provide sound full knowledge about the Animal body and its formations with which they have been able to treat the animal as successful Veterinary Doctors. Besides, BVSc & AH degree Programme the department has been imparting MVSc Programme from 1981 and PhD Programme from 1988 onwards under the assigned system. The Department has successfully completed several non-project research programme and various funded research projects. The Department is also imparting expertise pertaining to anatomy for Gauhati Medical College, Directorate of Forensic Science and Department of Forest etc.Currently, as per the new VCI syllabus, MSVE 2016, the Department has a credit hour of 7(4+3).