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General Information

Dr. Pulin Hazarika

AAU Service Information
Date of joining in AAU service 29-10-1984 (dd-mm-yyyy)
College College of Veterinary Science
Department Extension Education
Designation HOD and Professor
Other Charge(s) Holding HoD, deptt. of Extension Education, CVSc, AAU, Khanapara
Official e-mail pulin.hazarika[at]
Educational Qualification
Degree Institution/University Year Subject Specialization/Area of reasearch
BVSC & AH AAU 1979 - -
MSc NDRI, Karnal, Kurukshetra University 1983 Dairy Extension
PhD NDRI, Karnal 1991 Mass Communication
Employment History
Position Institution/University Place From To
Professor & Head CVSc, AAU, Khanapara Khanapara 01-09-2018 Till date
ADEE, AAU, Khanapara AAU Khanapara 17-06-2013 01-09-2018
Professor CVSc, AAU, Khanaoara Khanapara 01-01-2004 Till date
Associate Professor, CVSc, AAU, Khanapara CVSc, AAU, Khanapara Khnapara 01-08-1992 31-12-2003
Assistant Professor CVsc, AAU, Khanapara Khanapara 05-02-1987 31-07-1992
Lecturer CVSc, AAU Khanapara 29-10-1984 04-02-1997
Research Articles

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