(For Rev.B.M.Pugh Library and its Constituent College Libraries)


1. Only AAU students, research scholars, teaching and non-teaching staff as registered members1 are allowed to use the Central Library and the constituent college libraries.
2. Members should produce their University ID card at the entrance of the library.
3. Temporary membership2 can be availed by project assistant, contractual staff, young professionals and such other AAU staff and non-AAU students, research scholars and any other interested persons against a registration fee (non-refundable) as mentioned below:
    i. Rs. 100/- monthly for students
    ii. Rs. 500/- quarterly for others.


1. Consultation facility is available to students/research scholars of other universities/institutions for a short period.
2. The student/research scholar must bring ID card and recommendation letter from supervisor/guide or letter from the concerned department/institution.


1. Registered members of the library can issue books for 1 month as mentioned below:
    i. Under graduate: 05 books
    ii. Post graduate: 07 books
    iii. Research Scholars/teachers: 10 books
    iv. Non-teaching staff: 02 books
2. Books in demand may be renewed.
3. Readers are responsible for the well being of the physical condition of the books issued by them.
4. Library reserves the right to recall any issued books even before the due date.
5. Theses, dissertations, reference, rare and grey literature marked for consultation shall not be issued.


1. An overdue charge of Re. 1.00/- per book per day will be imposed after the expiry of due date of issued books.
2. For lost or damaged books, the defaulter has to remit a fine of "the price of the latest edition of the book plus 25% surcharge plus the overdue charges for expiry of due date of the issued book."
3. Membership shall be suspended for repeated delay in returning the books.


1. Computers/laptops in the library must be used strictly for academic purpose.
2. Readers should not remove/unplug computer cables/connections/mouse, network cables and other peripherals/accessories in the library.
3. Readers must take care of their pen-drives, hard-drives, mobiles, laptops and wallet etc.
4. Changing the settings and display of the computers of the library is strictly restricted.
5. Online chatting/social networking/playing games should be prohibited.
6. Prior intimation in written form is to be submitted to the Librarian for appearing any online examination/classes in the library premises.


1. Readers should observe strict silence inside the library.
2. Mobile phones should be kept in silent mode.
3. Eatable/drinks should not be carried inside the library premises. Disposable bottles are strictly prohibited.
4. Personal belongings must be left at the property counter.
5. The library shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings of the users.
6. Readers should not carry books from one floor to another and should leave the book s on the reading table after consulting.
7. Newspapers and magazines must be read only in the library on specific area and should not be taken to any other reading area.
8. Readers are not allowed to carry personal books or printed materials inside the library without formal intimation and record at the gate.
9. Readers are not allowed to do photocopy of the theses and dissertations.
10. Marking, scratching, damaging, mutilating, stealing library materials, littering with waste papers, wrappers, disposable items etc. will invite strict disciplinary action against the defaulters.
11. Users should maintain proper decorum while using the reading tables. They should debar themselves from resting or keeping their feet on the tables, chairs or shelves.
12. Readers should not disturb others by talking or gossiping in groups.
13. The Chief Librarian reserves the right to suspend the membership of any reader if found misbehaving either with the library staff or any other reader in the library. Also unhealthy practices will not be tolerated by the library.

These rules are subject to updating/revision from time to time without assigning any reason.


Registered members1: Library enrolment forms available in the in the dropdown menu of download option under "Library Forms". The student categories UG/PG/PhD have to enroll themselves as registered members by depositing a refundable security amount of Rs. 1000/- along with the library membership forms which can be claimed after course completion.

Temporary membership2: The temporary membership forms along with the rules and regulations are available in the in the dropdown menu of download option under "Library Forms".