The University Library

The Rev. B M Pugh library, being the knowledge centre on agriculture and allied areas was established in 1969, located in the Head Quarter of the university at Jorhat. It serves the students, teachers/scientists, research scholars and other staff of the colleges, viz., College of Agriculture and College of Community Science as well as staff and students of newly established College of Horticulture and College of Sericulture in particular and the entire community of the university in general.

It has its branch libraries at the College of Veterinary Science, Khanapara; College of Fisheries Science, Raha; Biswanath College of Agriculture, Biswanath Chariali; Sarat Chandra Singha College of Agriculture, Dhubri and Lakhimpur College of Veterinary Science, Lakhimpur.

Chief Librarians of Assam Agricultural University
After the establishment of the University library in 1969 the Chief Librarian Post holds by various renowned Professors of Assam Agricultural University & Librarians since 1975. The details are given below.

Name of the Chief Librarian Service Period
Mr.Ramesh Phukan From Sept'1975 to Sept'1989
Dr. Lakheswar Dutta i/c From Oct’1989 to July’1990
Md. Muzibul Islam From Aug’1990 to Nov’1993
Mr. Mahendra Nath Borah i/c From Dec’1993 to March’1996
Dr. Sunil Ch. Dey i/c From April’1996 to June’1996
Dr. Munindra Nath Borgohain i/c From July’1996 to Dec’2001
Mr. Apurba Kumar Baruah i/c From Jan’2002 to May’2005
Dr. Aniruddha Deka i/c From June’ 2005 to Dec’ 2007
Dr. Tikendra C. Brahma i/c From Jan’2008 to Dec’2011
Dr. M. A. Pradhani From Jan’2012 to Dec’2012
Dr. Dipti Kr. Borah i/c From Jan’ 2013 to March’2013
Dr. Pranab Talukdar i/c From April ‘2013 to Sept’ 2018
Dr. Chandan Hazarika i/c From Oct’2018 to at Present

Library timing and usage

Working days From 8-00 a.m. to 8-00 p.m.
Sunday From 9-00 a.m. to 1-00 p.m.

Library Resources of AAU Libraries
The current strength of the books, periodicals etc. are listed below ( as on March,2020)

Item AAU, Jorhat CVSc, Khanapara BNCA, B. Chariali CFSc, Raha SCSCA, Dhubri LCVSc, Lakhimpur
Library Building 2100 sq meter 691.02 sq meter 120 sq meter 200 sq meter 625.69 sq meter 62.43 sq meter
Staff 17 09 02 02 0 02
Printed Books 1,88,327 32,388 6,806 12,600 3,978 2,704
Printed Journals 60 08 02 08 02 02
E-Books 3,801 3,801 3,801 3,801 3,801 3,801
E-Journals 3,856 3,856 3,856 3,856 3,856 3,856
News Paper 13 09 05 03 02 03
Computers/Laptop 32 22 04 05 04 01
Printers 13 06 03 03 03 0
Scanners 03 02 0 0 0 0
Total Users 2,239 817 300 279 155 174
Other Print Collections of AAU Libraries
Thesis & Dissertations 3,590 1,428 51 26 0 0
Reports 7,950 0 0 0 0 0
Back Volumes 16,911 9,318 210 250 0 0
Popular Magazines 06 0 0 0 0 0
Newspapers 13 09 03 05 02 03

E-Resources in details
a) CeRA: Consortium of e-resources in Agriculture: Access to full text electronic journal on Agriculture and allied areas. Currently 2930 number of e-journals available under CeRA.
b) DeLCON: DBT-Electronic Journal Consortium: About 926 full text journals are covered under DeLCON
c) Krishikosh: An Institutional Repository of Indian National Agricultural Research System. This is a digital repository of accumulated knowledge in agriculture and allied sciences, having collection of old and valuable books, old journals, thesis, research articles, popular articles, monographs, catalogues, conference proceedings, success stories, case studies, annual reports, newsletters, pamphlets, brochures, bulletins and other grey literatures spread all over the country in different ICAR Research Institutions and State Agricultural Universities.
d) CAB Abstract is available offline at Library on CD ROM from the year 1972 to 2013.
e) International E-Book Packages, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis (1485)
1. Agriculture Science(764)
2. Home Science (215)
3. Veterianry Science(216)
4. Fishery Science (50)
5. All subject pack (240)
Online Access Link:
f) Wiley Online Library (606)
Online Access Link:
g) Elsevier E-Books on Agriculture (190)
Online Access Link:
h) Cambridge Core Ebook Package: 63
i) ASAP Indian E-Book Packages (978)
1. E-Books on Horticulture (101)
2. E-Books on Agriculture (223)
3. E-Books on Aquaculture and Fisheries (10)
4. E-Books on Veterinary (122)
5. E-Books on Agri/Vet/Com Sc (214)
6. All Subject pack(308)
Online Access Link:
j) Cabi E-Books on Veterinary (223)
Online Access Link:
k) WT Ebooks (96)
1. Fishery Science (44)
2. Veterinary Science (52)
Online Access Link:
l) Bibliotex E-Book (32)
Online Access Link:
m) Astral E-Books Package(128)

Total 3801 number of eBooks has been procured covering Agricultural Science, Veterinary Science, Community Science and Fishery Science.

Book section/Stack areas Periodical Section

Circulation section

Library services
• Lending service
• Reference/Information service
• Current Awareness Service
• Documentation service
• Internet/E-mail facility
• E-journal/ eBook and CD-ROM database searching facility
• Resource-sharing facility
• User education programme
• Reprography facility

Text Book Bank section
This section provides minimum five to six books to every enrolled students for the semester and number of borrowed books depend upon availability of books in this section

E-Resources Access Facility
The internet browsing facility is available in the library premises on the basis of a user account created in the AAU Captive Portal which is strictly provided by the System Administration i.e. ARIS cell of the AAU. There is also the provision of access to the internet by the visitors on request of a guest account created by ARIS accordingly.

User Education Programme
The RBMPL, apart from providing dedicated user service, is also acquainted with extending quality user education programmes.
• Library orientation is one of the most common user education programme that is provided to the users of AAU, in particular the under graduate patrons, maintaining a proper discipline wise streaming in the early part of their formal vocations.
• Education on Library and Information Service in the form of a non–credit compulsory course (PGS 501) is also conducted to impart appropriate knowledge in the field of information retrieval and dissemination, technical writing stressing more on literature review and citation analysis as well as the proper techniques in browsing the different resources present in the library.

Automation and Digitization
Rev B. M. Pugh Library has implemented automation of library at KOHA LMS under ICAR library strengthening project. The library functions are operational at Koha LMS for the library users. The bibliographic database of the library’s collection is well functioning through the OPAC module on Koha.

URL of Library OPAC of Rev. B.M. Pugh Library, AAU, Jorhat:

CCTV Security and Surveillance System
Rev. B.M. Pugh Library is fully covered under CCTV security and surveillance System which helps in security of library resources as well as library management.

List of Print Books & eBooks
Print Book 2018-19
eBooks 2018-19
Print Book 2019-20
eBooks 2019-20
Print Book 2020-21
eBooks 2020-21